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Hanneke designed the wallpaper for the exclusive star restaurant in the completely renovated Hotel de L'Europe for us. Not an easy task, because we had the idea to work with the painting techniques of "the Old Masters", something that fits beautifully with the rich history of the Hotel. There are life-size wall panels around the restaurant, which had to be placed with a completely custom-made artwork. During our first brainstorm where we exchanged our ideas, we quickly came up with a beautiful concept. the elements from nature, which are all reflected in the design, the dutch cloudy skies, green nature, water features, wild animals and special types of vegetables. Hanneke van de Pol has been able to express an almost impossible idea in a beautiful almost lifelike visualization, where old painting, photography and computer techniques come together in a very special way. The designer works with an enormous precision, which ensures that when you enter the room, it feels like you are stepping into a "3D of an Old Master", discovering more and more hidden details along the way. We invite everyone to admire her beautiful work at Restaurant Bord'Eau in Hotel de L'Europe. " Joyce Roll (Architect Nicemakers Amsterdam)


Kasteel Zeist ArtwallcollectionKasteel wandbekleding BruidssuiteKasteel kerckebosch
Kasteel Kerckebos ZeistBruidssuite Kasteel Kerckebos ZeistBruidssuite Kasteel Kerckebos Zeist
Maru zandvoortKasteel kerkcebos wandbekledingSecret Garden amsterdam
Bierbrouwerij Forijn NijmegenKasteel Kerckebos
Kasteel Kerckebos Zeist Bierbrouwerij Florijn NijmegenKasteel Kerckebos Zeist
Wandbekleding bar ArnhemVanGoud  advocatenKasteel Kerckebos
Hotel resturant Maison du SteegMaru ZandvoortMaison du Steeg
Badhotel Domburg interieurBadhotel interieur behangBadhotel behang
The Dublin House ZwolleDublin House wandbekledingNaadloze wandbekleding Restaurant
Bar wandbekleding naadloosBar wandbekleding wall coveringBar interieur wandbekleding
Wallcovering interior Gordon RamseyAfroditti KRassaartwallcollection by Hanneke van de Pol
Design Wallcovering for Gordon Ramsey's new restaurant 'Lucky Cat', in Mayfair London. Interior Design Afroditi Krassa, London
jimmy woo nightclub amsterdam
Design Sewamless wall CoveringNightclub Jimmy Woo Amsterdam 
wallcovering restaurant The TravellerWallcovering restaurantInterior design dutch design hanneke van de Pol
Design Wallcovering Restaurant 'The Traveller' Amsterdam 
wallcovering Independent Hotel Show
Design Wallcovering for 'The Lobby' Independent Hotel Show, AmsterdamInterior Design Roelfien Vos
wallcovering shopTer Marsch& Co, Bloemenmarkt Amsterdam
Design Wallcovering  Lingerie ShopTile design by ArtwallcollectionShop Nin Lingerie Arnhem
Hotel Bizar BazarWallcovering Hotel
 Wallcovering Hotel Bizar Bazar, Arnhem 
Artwallcollection by Hanneke van de Pol
 Design Wallcovering Stripclub BonTon Amsterdam, Interiordesign by Casper Reinders 
wallcovering artwallArtwallcollection Hanneke van de Pol
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muurbekleding naadloos maatwerknaadloze wandbekledingbehang badhotel domburg
bathroom wallcoveringGreat wallcovering by Artwallcollectionwallcovering by Hanneke van de Pol
Biliotheek behangtropical wallpaper restaurantbehang wandbekleding interieur
Adelaershoeve ArnhemIbiza interior project



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