Hanneke van de Pol

Being an absolute multitasker, Hanneke van de Pol masters to create and design in various ways: interior-product-or graphic design, all breathe the customised wishes of the client. She manages to translate an abstract view into mesmerising design. For 4 years now, hanneke runs a small shop in Het Modekwartier (fashion district) in Arnhem, where she sells her artworks and meets her clients and work on new projects. Your're welcome to visit every Saturday's, from 12.00 till 17.00 pm.

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In making 'Botanical Fine Art Collection' she has turned her attention to special details from old botanical illustrations. She takes a close look at these small details, unravels them, as it were, and then assembles them in their own way. As a designer, she is fascinated by, among other things, theories as 'The Fibonacci Series' (a mathematical series of numbers that is related to the formation of certain life forms in nature) and underlies 'De Gulde Snede'. These theories keep her busy every day. What is balance, what feels good or not good, and why is something right and is it in proportion.

'Finding the most exceptional details from flower and plant motifs, and then' expanding 'them in their own way is magical. It feels like the reassembling of nature. '

For the 'Wallcoverings' collection, designer Hanneke van de Pol was inspired by currents from painting, interior architecture and the antiques world. From art deco and art nouveau to abstract art from African and Arab soil. No wonder if you grow up with parents who have an antique shop and art has been poured into the baby spoon from an early age. "I have always had a love for old things," says Van de Pol. As a classically trained painter and later trained as a graphic designer, I have a passion for old painting and printing techniques. The atmosphere of, for example, a Japanese print from 1920 can not be compared to a powerful screen print from the 1960s or a painted canvas from 1980. I try to incorporate these subtle differences in color strength, texture and drawing into my designs. That old atmosphere you always find somewhere in my work. "

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